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​Sarah Atc​heson

Founding Artist & Sole Proprietor of

Crooked Anchor Transcendental Artistry

Sarah was born and raised near Regina, Saskatchewan, where she currently resides in the countryside with her partner and two children. A true Gemini and self-taught artist, Sarah enjoys exploring the messiness and the freedom of an unconventional path. She draws inspiration from nature, love, loss, and her extensive experience working with others in the field of integrative healthcare. Sarah also owns Beyond Body Holistic Wellness Centre in Regina, where she practices various healing modalities and works alongside a diverse team of wellness professionals. Her passion lies in sharing healing, that she and others may transcend the self-imposed limitations and struggles found through life's deepest challenges. Sarah finds her purpose in spreading beauty, creating and holding space for healing; and practicing courage and compassion when life demands that we explore what anchors us.